Let Girls Learn Should Have Been Safe From 45

Of all of the egregious acts of potential damage done by any sitting President in U.S. history, this one certainly takes the cake, to date.

Of all of the egregious acts of potential damage done by any sitting President in U.S. history, this one certainly takes the cake, to date.

According to an internal document obtained by CNN earlier this week, the Trump administration gave an order to cease the program’s operation immediately. Now, conveniently, the White House denies the report, stating that the story in CNN, one of the most respected media empires in the world, “was incorrect”.

I guess so…since they continue to strategically unseat the legacy that the Obamas worked so hard and diligently to build. When all else fails, deny, deny, deny. So…was the document that was obtained incorrect or did it contain alternative facts?

Our former First Lady, Michelle Obama, launched the education program Let Girls Learn in 2015, which is aimed at providing young girls in developing countries with educational resources. It is “an effort that isn’t just about investing more money in girls’ education, but also about changing how women and girls are viewed and valued around the world” said Mrs. Obama at a Let Girls Learn event in Madrid, Spain in 2016.

Now, there are several possible reasons (AKA excuses) as to why 45 would seek to eliminate this valuable program. Here are just a few.


I suppose the funds might very well be low, especially when you send an expensive bomb to annihilate an empty air force base…way across the world; in an attempt to measure who’s ______ is bigger (OR take the attention off of ongoing investigations that might really uncover some shit, if done properly). I mean, it’s not like we, as a country, don’t have larger issues to address that impact us on a daily basis. I guess one wouldn’t know about said issues, because 45 spends more time tweeting vs. prioritizing the business of actually running a country.  Go figure.


A person who touts about rating comparisons (45 vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the Celebrity Apprentice) could never take being Commander in Chief seriously. Ever. In response, Mr. Schwarzenegger suggested that the two of them “switch jobs”. I would vote for Arnold.


From the wiretapping accusations against President Obama to denying the influence of Russia in the U.S. electoral process, what it boils down to is that Trump doesn’t seem to have the moral fiber to take an L without fabricating a few of the facts first. To that degree, whether it’s the next 4 years or the next 4 months, he may very well cause some serious consequences for the American people…all because of his desire to win; or have the appearance, thereof.

When it’s all said and done, because of his disdain for the Obamas, Trump would rather try to erase history than encourage the continuity of anything of value created by them. The best thing that we can do is etch those moments in our mind. Other than that, as long as he is allowed to rule this country as a dictator instead of a respected leader, all we can do is look forward to the next presidential election.


The 5th Annual International Women’s Day Tea Celebrates Women Business Owners and Influencers in Michigan

For the 5th consecutive year, Super Woman Productions and Publishing presents the International Women’s Day Tea to celebrate women business owners and influencers in Michigan.

For the 5th consecutive year, Super Woman Productions and Publishing presents the International Women’s Day Tea to celebrate women business owners and influencers in Michigan. Nominees are selected by their peers via an online form, and those that are selected are honored at the event. This is the only official International Women’s Day event in Michigan.
Celebrated globally on March 8th each year, IWD celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
From the International Women’s Day Website…
2017 and beyond

The world has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and emancipation. Many from a younger generation may feel that all the battles have been won for women’ while many feminists from the 1970’s know only too well the longevity and ingrained complexity of patriarchy. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and an increased critical mass of women’s visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one could think that women have gained true equality. The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts, women still are not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and globally women’s education, health and the violence against them is worse than that of men. However, great improvements have been made.
In 2016, Super Woman Productions and Publishing honored the following 4 women for their work in business, philanthropy and community:
Cassy Jones-McBryde (Features Editor at DailyVenusDiva.com and Founder of the International Fuller Woman Network), Theresa “T.Rose” Randleman (CEO and Founder of T. Rose Inc. and Producer of the Idlewild Music Festival), Tiffani Danyelle (CEO of the BodyShopExperts) and Romester Ushery (Lupus Survivor and Advocate). 2017 honorees TBA.
Along with the opportunity to network, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious sushi, as well as tea provided by the official event venue Socra Tea a woman owned establishment located at 71 Garfield St. Detroit, Michigan 48201. Additionally, participating vendors are women-owned businesses. This years event will be hosted by Angela T. Jones, CEO of Super Woman Productions and Publishing and Lacretia Rogers, Publisher of Detroit CEO Magazine.
The 2017 IWD theme is #BeBoldForChange, a call on the masses (or yourself) to help forge a better working and more gender inclusive world.
Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available for the 5th Annual International Women’s Day Tea. For more information, call 313-427-9772 or email superwomanproductions@gmail.com.
About Super Woman Productions and Publishing
Super Woman Productions and Publishing LLC is a diverse digital and visual media brand with a focus on entertainment and communications. The goal of The Company is to make a positive impact on today’s media using creative instruments and a “think outside the box” mentality. For more information, visit http://www.superwomanproductions.com.

Marketing: Make It Happen

Whether you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor or some other business entity, you should know that marketing matters.

Written By: Marcelle Bryant, CEO of Marci B. Marketing and Management


Are you a business owner? Whether you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor or some other business entity, you should know that marketing matters. In times of economic downturn, business owners often start to see marketing as a luxury or even a frivolous expense. This could not be farther from the truth. As long as businesses exist, they will always have a need to communicate with customers. When competition is high and business resources are scarce, there is a greater need to set yourself apart and make effective marketing happen for you.

1.) Logo

Your logo should be unique and a reflection of your product or service offerings. A prospect should be able to review your logo quickly and automatically understand what it is you do. Think of your logo as a graphic explanation of your business.

2.) Slogan

Your slogan should be short…no more than 3-6 words. It should easily connect with the purpose of the product or service, or the character of the target audience. Nike and Allstate are great examples of this.

3.) Tracking and Analyzing

The internet has revolutionized marketing and turned it into a science. Websites are now built on platforms with built in analytics that measure things like how many people visit your site in a given time period, what pages they go to, where they found your website and how much time they stay there. Tracking this information helps you understand what is working in your marketing program and what needs to be refined. All traditional forms of marketing (radio, television and print) need some form of tracking. Promotional codes, QR codes and landing pages are just a few of the ways you can implement digital strategy into traditional marketing.

4.) Website

Your website will either be an online brochure or your #1 salesperson. If you only showcase information about your business without selling anything online, then you have an online brochure website. If you  are producing valuable information in the form of blogs, info-graphics, e-books and other communications, your website can become your #1 salesperson. People buy from companies they trust, and the way to earn that trust is by showing that you are a credible source. You show credibility by giving information that helps them solve a problem. This is what keeps you top of mind when a prospect is making a purchase.

Marci B. Marketing and Management can assist you with your marketing needs. We have talented designers, writers and business strategists available to help you build a better business. View our portfolio on our website. Contact us at www.marcibmarketing.com to receive a free consultation.

From the Editor’s Desk

This is not a new reality for us, but it is not a time to let fear cause us to become paralytic. Our stories are what will deliver the message. Don’t be silent.

The unrest that the entire country is experiencing right now makes Black america tense, and for good reason. Any progress that activists and civil rights leaders have orchestrated on our behalf feels like 20 steps forward and 10,000 steps backward. For all of the strides that have been made for us to live fearlessly and without apology, we currently live in fear for the men in our lives. Our black men. Our kings. Our fathers, uncles, sons, cousins, God-sons and nephews. It is truly very saddening.

The recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile has re-opened a corporate wound that never has the potential to fully heal. Their lives have been snuffed out by individuals who were operating under the guise of those that have taken an oath to serve and protect us. They are terrorists of the worst kind. Despite their heinous acts of open murder, they have been allowed to retreat to their homes, in some cases, on paid “administrative leave”. In other words, they get to take comfort in being free to wake up again with their families…a gift that the men that they killed will never experience again. Their mothers, wives and sisters of these men in blue can enjoy laughter and a good meal in the comfort of their homes. One more thing that the victims of their rogue behavior cannot experience ever again.

Will there be justice served? Wait. The better question is; has justice ever been served? Ponder that. The Sterling and Castile families join the grieving collective of the mourners who have preceded them  over the injustice of our people. We ache for them all, while we hope to never personally experience their level of heartache.

This is not a new reality for us, but it is not a time to let fear cause us to become paralytic. Our stories are what will deliver the message. Don’t be silent.



Christian Hip Hop Sensation BleSseD Takes Center Stage

Christian Hip Hop artist BleSsed gives an exclusive interview to Detroit CEO Magazine

It’s a great experience to talk to a fellow creative who uses the platform of music to bring people closer to God through song. I had the pleasure of obtaining a candid interview with BleSsed, a Christian Hip-Hop artist that shared some intimate details about his musical journey and spiritual beliefs. Here’s what he had to say during his exclusive interview for the Detroit CEO Magazine music issue.

Tell me how you got the name BleSseD.

I started out as a secular artist, and I gave myself the name BleSseD. My mother told me that she thought I was called to do something bigger…something for the Lord, but at the time, I wasn’t interested in that. The secular genre didn’t pan out the way that I wanted it to, in the beginning. When things took a turn in the direction that I thought they should go in is when I got saved, so I decided to make a shift in which I kept the name, but as a Christian Hip-Hop artist.

What was your inspiration behind the song Erryday? That song is actually one of my favorite songs by you!

Just being dedicated to the Lord and living for Him everyday. A lot of people attend church on Easter or Christmas, or, they want to go to God when they have a problematic situation or when something is going on and they need His help. This song emphasizes the fact that not only is it OK, but it’s ideal to live for God everyday.

For your fans, followers or people that may not know you, what do you want to share about your ministry through music?

If i had to just focus on one thing, the most important thing that I would like to share is that God is a God of restoration. My personal testimony explains that further. I’ve been through just about anything and everything a person can go through. I’ve truly reached a point where I feel like the things that I have gone through are things that He didn’t put me through, but He allowed me to experience. That has put me in a position where I’m able to relate to people who have experienced some of the same things, first hand.

Being a Christian is not a boring thing. A lot of people don’t come to Christ because they feel like it will involve a life of restriction and it’s not like that at all.You can turn up for Christ just like you turn up in the world, it’s just about living right and doing things the right way. I really just want to encourage people that if they don’t have a relationship with Christ to establish one, and if you do have one, continue to grow in Him.


Photos by: Shawn Rochelle Photography

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment to date was getting to the point where I completely surrendered my life to Christ. It was getting beyond myself and getting beyond what my flesh wanted and truly surrendering to His will for my life. I started out as an atheist. I didn’t believe in God. When I started to make the shift towards Him, there were people who judged and persecuted me because of doing so. Initially, that turned me off from the idea of church. As I grew, learned and began to seek God for myself,I had to understand that (wow) sometimes Jesus can have some horrible PR people, but that doesn’t fall back on Jesus. Satan will use what God meant for good and try to tear you down and it can come through other people. The key is to make sure that your identity and your contentment comes from Christ, alone, and not the people who say they are representing Him.

What is the biggest goal you have for your music career?

To introduce people to the same God that saved my life, and to win as many souls for Him as I can. It’s not about money, fame, glitz or glamour. I just want to minister the word effectively and show people that God loves them and is waiting for them.

BleSseD will be performing live at the Obedience CD Release concert Friday August 5, 2016 at the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. Tickets for this family friendly event are $25.00, which includes food and a signed copy of his new CD Obedience. For more information, contact B.S.D Entertainment at 313-279-8608. Follow BleSseD on social media: Instagram (@blessedboiq), Facebook Fan Page (@MC BleSsed). He can also be contacted via email at bsdmovement@gmail.com.