4 Steps to Real Innovation


Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

If you talk to five, or fifty, business leaders about their biggest goals or priorities, within the top three will be something to do with innovation. It might be new products, new services, or new ways of partnering with others to create better customer value. Great ideas.

If everyone is so focused on this, why aren’t more companies innovating solutions? It’s not that it’s so hard. We’re actually innovating constantly. What then, is the biggest challenge? Some say its generating great ideas. Others say its developing a product that actually works. Still others say the hardest part is moving from an idea stage to something that customers actually want and will pay for. My view, as an entrepreneur, and avid student of innovation successes and failures, is that we need to more reliably produce and control the innovation process. Innovation is not just about moments of brilliance; in fact, rarely is that…

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A Monkey with a Computer is Still a Monkey (continued)

Today’s recommended reading. #Educational

A Girl with a Dream

 Social Media Revolution

social media sales revolution

I asked Kevin to rewind, to tell me the story of how his dream became a reality. After realizing that playing piano for a living was fun, but not enough to provide for a family in the Northeast, he decided to become a salesperson. Notice that the best motivational sales coaches were great salesmen first. Jeffrey Gitomer said in his “Little Red Book of Selling” about effectiveness of his principles,

“Don’t be blaming me. Not only do these principles work, they work in the Northeast, where people eat their young.”

I have lived in the Northeast for 24 years, and have worked in sales in upper Manhattan and the Bronx. I know exactly how it feels to be “eaten alive” by clients in NYC.

Kevin told me that one day he was asked by his customer to do a presentation to his sales team, because of…

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Ignoring data is keeping you from hitting origination goals. #CRM #bigdata #commercialfinance

Ignoring data is keeping you from hitting organizational goals. #CRM #bigdata

Insights from a Bald Man

Spend time on data, increases enterprise wide sales and marketing efficiency. Common sense, right? Nope.

  • 33% of our new clients in the Commercial Finance space cannot easily produce a simple database of targets for email, direct mail, etc.
  • 43%: The average invalid contact data percentage of a database we start working with
  • 60% of our clients cannot on first engagement produce a company-wide email database of existing customer decision makers.

Yes, existing customers. Again, they couldn’t easily identify the world’s easiest way to contact their existing customers. Shocking. Something is wrong in the world of sales management.

For years I have said great sales and marketing starts with great data. I didn’t think that was a moment of brilliance, I thought it was common sense. Actually, great business starts with great data and far too often people in the commercial finance business dramatically under-invest in the effort to…

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Change Management

Gray Matter


I now consider myself an expert in change.  I can say this because I have moved exactly 19 times.  Places lived include New York, Colorado, California, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, and California.  Yes, I have moved to CA 3 times so far.  My good friends have several pages in their address book with this collection of addresses.  Also, the nature of the restaurant industry is one of constant movement and change – and our family has seen our share of job changes.  While all this experience has been useful, it did not prepare me for the depth of change experienced in the past 3 years as I have been seeking my place in this new chosen career.  Looking through my journal, I found this note, dated August 16, 2013.  To this day it remains on the office wall.

During this career transition

Be open
Live in the moment
Be clear
Don’t let emotions…

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Entrepreneurs (Read Time: 3 min.)

This was a great read with some very valid points. #ComparrisonDullsYourGlow

She Runs the Show

Insta 6In life and business, it’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison trap.

For example, I’m a coach, an author, and a Fear-To-Fuel expert.  If I spent my time looking at the thousands of certified coaches, Kindle book authors, and experts teaching online courses on how to overcome fear, I’d certainly call it quits and stop running my business.  What a way to extinguish a dream!

And, yet, far too many of us do exactly that.  Instead of using our social media time to connect and collaborate, we focus on what other people in our field are doing… and then the inner critic rages at us about how we can’t possibly get to that level with “those” super stars.

It’s time to get over that!

In this episode of the She Runs The Show podcast, I talk about:

  1. The REAL reason the comparison switch gets flipped in your life

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