Detroit CEO of the Year Class of 2017


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Cabryl Breotti

A Chicago native, Cabryl Breotti is the host of radio show Cabryl Chats. She interfaces with countless celebrities and community initiatives on a continual basis. She is also the newly named beauty/skin ambassador of Blessed Organic Essentials, which specializes in creating premium quality holistic natural skin care handcrafted in small batches and designed with the love and care of our customers in mind. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cabrylbreotti.

Rasheda Kamaria Williams

Since 2010, award winning mentor and speaker Rasheda Kamaria Williams has utilized the  Empowered Flower Girl platform to make a difference in the lives of women and children. To find out how more about her community initiatives or to book her to speak at your next event, email

Jerry Boykin

Jerry Boykin is the founder of the We are One Community Organization. He has been inspired to get up and actually activate a call to service to help assist in serving the homeless epidemic presently plaguing our Global, National, & State stage….starting here in Metro Detroit! For more information on his many initiatives like homes for the homeless and surprise car giveaways visit I am a Blessing online.

Odis Bellinger

Mr. Bellinger is the founder of Building Better Men, a mentoring and leadership program for young males ages 6-17 whose mission is to help young males become better people, students, and problem solvers. For more information, send him an email at or call 313-743-1738. You can also connect on Facebook.

Ayanna Hall

Ayanna is a talented hair stylist and make up artist who works closely with brands such as Detroit CEO Magazine and Super Woman Productions and Publishing to create timeless and cutting edge looks. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram for bookings.

Courtney A. Griffin

As a founding memeber of Y.A.B. an organization that showcases young women of color excelling in all aspects of life, Courtney’s accomplishments include starting the I am a Black Woman Who brand to dispel the myth that black women are lazy, unfit and do not participate in physical activity. This company has been founded to support, acknowledge and uplift the black women who are dispelling the myths, taking control, promoting life and accomplishing their fitness goals.

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