DCEO Music Issue: Letter from the Managing Editor

Timelessness is a beautiful element to any of your favorite songs.

In the last few years we’ve lost a lot of trailblazers and influencers in music across many eras. Our goal for the Music Issue of Detroit CEO Magazine is to introduce, recognize and highlight talented  artists and musicians while they are still living. Those we’ve lost can never be replaced, but those who remain that have been influenced by them can carry music forward. From on the verge hip hop artists to live instrumentalists, this 2017 Music Issue is full of people that our readers should know more about, and to date it’s our issue with the most submissions at well over 15. As an artist manager, I know firsthand the requirements and sacrifices artists have to make in order to achieve longevity, and sadly support often goes to artists who are the most popular, not those who necessarily hustle the hardest, or have the most talent. In spite of that, good music never goes out of style. Timelessness is a beautiful element to any of your favorite songs. Therefore, I encourage all of the artists, musicians, entertainers etc. to keep striving to give the world good, timeless music. It is more appreciated and needed than you may know. A song can save a life.

Thank you for your contributions.

Angela T. Jones

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