Let Girls Learn Should Have Been Safe From 45

Of all of the egregious acts of potential damage done by any sitting President in U.S. history, this one certainly takes the cake, to date.

Of all of the egregious acts of potential damage done by any sitting President in U.S. history, this one certainly takes the cake, to date.

According to an internal document obtained by CNN earlier this week, the Trump administration gave an order to cease the program’s operation immediately. Now, conveniently, the White House denies the report, stating that the story in CNN, one of the most respected media empires in the world, “was incorrect”.

I guess so…since they continue to strategically unseat the legacy that the Obamas worked so hard and diligently to build. When all else fails, deny, deny, deny. So…was the document that was obtained incorrect or did it contain alternative facts?

Our former First Lady, Michelle Obama, launched the education program Let Girls Learn in 2015, which is aimed at providing young girls in developing countries with educational resources. It is “an effort that isn’t just about investing more money in girls’ education, but also about changing how women and girls are viewed and valued around the world” said Mrs. Obama at a Let Girls Learn event in Madrid, Spain in 2016.

Now, there are several possible reasons (AKA excuses) as to why 45 would seek to eliminate this valuable program. Here are just a few.


I suppose the funds might very well be low, especially when you send an expensive bomb to annihilate an empty air force base…way across the world; in an attempt to measure who’s ______ is bigger (OR take the attention off of ongoing investigations that might really uncover some shit, if done properly). I mean, it’s not like we, as a country, don’t have larger issues to address that impact us on a daily basis. I guess one wouldn’t know about said issues, because 45 spends more time tweeting vs. prioritizing the business of actually running a country.  Go figure.


A person who touts about rating comparisons (45 vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the Celebrity Apprentice) could never take being Commander in Chief seriously. Ever. In response, Mr. Schwarzenegger suggested that the two of them “switch jobs”. I would vote for Arnold.


From the wiretapping accusations against President Obama to denying the influence of Russia in the U.S. electoral process, what it boils down to is that Trump doesn’t seem to have the moral fiber to take an L without fabricating a few of the facts first. To that degree, whether it’s the next 4 years or the next 4 months, he may very well cause some serious consequences for the American people…all because of his desire to win; or have the appearance, thereof.

When it’s all said and done, because of his disdain for the Obamas, Trump would rather try to erase history than encourage the continuity of anything of value created by them. The best thing that we can do is etch those moments in our mind. Other than that, as long as he is allowed to rule this country as a dictator instead of a respected leader, all we can do is look forward to the next presidential election.


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