Mayor Mike Duggan introduces Detroit ID program

The Detroit ID program provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to connect with new customers in Detroit. 

In December, Mayor Duggan will launch the Detroit ID program.  The Detroit ID will allow Detroit residents to show that they live in Detroit. The Detroit ID program also provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to connect with new customers in Detroit. 

What Is The Detroit ID?
he Detroit ID will be a City issued identification card available to all Detroit residents 14 years of age and older who are eligible to apply. The Detroit ID will help Detroit residents who face difficulty in obtaining a traditional ID and provide access to resources and services.

How Will The Detroit ID Help My Business? 
There is no charge to be a Detroit ID participating business. You’re invited to introduce Detroit residents to your business by accepting the Detroit ID as identification and offering a discount or benefit to people who purchase certain products and/or services. 

Participating businesses on the City of Detroit’s Detroit ID website with clickable links to their websites will be featured and will also have significant visibility through the paid advertising, earned media, social media, and press engagement that we will lead for the Detroit ID program.  Additionally, the Detroit ID launch event, community meetings, and media interviews will provide opportunities for the discussion of participating businesses and residents’ discovery and enjoyment of these businesses. 

How Can My Business Be A Detroit ID Partner? 
To become a Detroit ID partner, please use the DetroitID_Form, and send your logo, plus the contact information listed below.

– Business Name

– Business Address

– Business Phone Number

– Business Email Address

– Business Website

– Description of Your Special Offer for Detroit ID Holders

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