Marketing: Make It Happen

Whether you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor or some other business entity, you should know that marketing matters.

Written By: Marcelle Bryant, CEO of Marci B. Marketing and Management


Are you a business owner? Whether you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor or some other business entity, you should know that marketing matters. In times of economic downturn, business owners often start to see marketing as a luxury or even a frivolous expense. This could not be farther from the truth. As long as businesses exist, they will always have a need to communicate with customers. When competition is high and business resources are scarce, there is a greater need to set yourself apart and make effective marketing happen for you.

1.) Logo

Your logo should be unique and a reflection of your product or service offerings. A prospect should be able to review your logo quickly and automatically understand what it is you do. Think of your logo as a graphic explanation of your business.

2.) Slogan

Your slogan should be short…no more than 3-6 words. It should easily connect with the purpose of the product or service, or the character of the target audience. Nike and Allstate are great examples of this.

3.) Tracking and Analyzing

The internet has revolutionized marketing and turned it into a science. Websites are now built on platforms with built in analytics that measure things like how many people visit your site in a given time period, what pages they go to, where they found your website and how much time they stay there. Tracking this information helps you understand what is working in your marketing program and what needs to be refined. All traditional forms of marketing (radio, television and print) need some form of tracking. Promotional codes, QR codes and landing pages are just a few of the ways you can implement digital strategy into traditional marketing.

4.) Website

Your website will either be an online brochure or your #1 salesperson. If you only showcase information about your business without selling anything online, then you have an online brochure website. If you  are producing valuable information in the form of blogs, info-graphics, e-books and other communications, your website can become your #1 salesperson. People buy from companies they trust, and the way to earn that trust is by showing that you are a credible source. You show credibility by giving information that helps them solve a problem. This is what keeps you top of mind when a prospect is making a purchase.

Marci B. Marketing and Management can assist you with your marketing needs. We have talented designers, writers and business strategists available to help you build a better business. View our portfolio on our website. Contact us at to receive a free consultation.

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