Christian Hip Hop Sensation BleSseD Takes Center Stage

Christian Hip Hop artist BleSsed gives an exclusive interview to Detroit CEO Magazine

It’s a great experience to talk to a fellow creative who uses the platform of music to bring people closer to God through song. I had the pleasure of obtaining a candid interview with BleSsed, a Christian Hip-Hop artist that shared some intimate details about his musical journey and spiritual beliefs. Here’s what he had to say during his exclusive interview for the Detroit CEO Magazine music issue.

Tell me how you got the name BleSseD.

I started out as a secular artist, and I gave myself the name BleSseD. My mother told me that she thought I was called to do something bigger…something for the Lord, but at the time, I wasn’t interested in that. The secular genre didn’t pan out the way that I wanted it to, in the beginning. When things took a turn in the direction that I thought they should go in is when I got saved, so I decided to make a shift in which I kept the name, but as a Christian Hip-Hop artist.

What was your inspiration behind the song Erryday? That song is actually one of my favorite songs by you!

Just being dedicated to the Lord and living for Him everyday. A lot of people attend church on Easter or Christmas, or, they want to go to God when they have a problematic situation or when something is going on and they need His help. This song emphasizes the fact that not only is it OK, but it’s ideal to live for God everyday.

For your fans, followers or people that may not know you, what do you want to share about your ministry through music?

If i had to just focus on one thing, the most important thing that I would like to share is that God is a God of restoration. My personal testimony explains that further. I’ve been through just about anything and everything a person can go through. I’ve truly reached a point where I feel like the things that I have gone through are things that He didn’t put me through, but He allowed me to experience. That has put me in a position where I’m able to relate to people who have experienced some of the same things, first hand.

Being a Christian is not a boring thing. A lot of people don’t come to Christ because they feel like it will involve a life of restriction and it’s not like that at all.You can turn up for Christ just like you turn up in the world, it’s just about living right and doing things the right way. I really just want to encourage people that if they don’t have a relationship with Christ to establish one, and if you do have one, continue to grow in Him.


Photos by: Shawn Rochelle Photography

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment to date was getting to the point where I completely surrendered my life to Christ. It was getting beyond myself and getting beyond what my flesh wanted and truly surrendering to His will for my life. I started out as an atheist. I didn’t believe in God. When I started to make the shift towards Him, there were people who judged and persecuted me because of doing so. Initially, that turned me off from the idea of church. As I grew, learned and began to seek God for myself,I had to understand that (wow) sometimes Jesus can have some horrible PR people, but that doesn’t fall back on Jesus. Satan will use what God meant for good and try to tear you down and it can come through other people. The key is to make sure that your identity and your contentment comes from Christ, alone, and not the people who say they are representing Him.

What is the biggest goal you have for your music career?

To introduce people to the same God that saved my life, and to win as many souls for Him as I can. It’s not about money, fame, glitz or glamour. I just want to minister the word effectively and show people that God loves them and is waiting for them.

BleSseD will be performing live at the Obedience CD Release concert Friday August 5, 2016 at the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. Tickets for this family friendly event are $25.00, which includes food and a signed copy of his new CD Obedience. For more information, contact B.S.D Entertainment at 313-279-8608. Follow BleSseD on social media: Instagram (@blessedboiq), Facebook Fan Page (@MC BleSsed). He can also be contacted via email at



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