5 Realities About Working From Home

For the last 5 years, I have worked from home. Initially, I became enamored with all of the “freedom” I would have. Soon, though, it became apparent that I was in for some unexpected changes and challenges. Now, don’t get me wrong, change is something that must be accepted and adapted to, especially for the Entrepreneur. Similarly, challenges should only be looked at as temporary deterrents, not insurmountable mountains. Here are 5 Realities about Working from Home that you may relate to:

Working from home takes discipline.

As an Entrepreneur or Corporate Executive, working from home takes an insane amount of discipline. In the spirit of creating a harmonious work/home synergy, you have to gain an understanding of the things you must do to actually get some work done. One thing is for certain, if you’ve never been good at multitasking before your living room becomes your office, doing so afterward is a definite uphill battle.

If you don’t complete one task before you start the next one, feeling overwhelmed is likely.

Sometimes, it can be easy to want to “kill two birds with one stone”, but if you don’t necessarily have a stellar track record of successfully completing one task before the next, you may want to consider pacing yourself and assembling your tasks by order of importance. You’ll find it easier to be productive and effective.

Not having an organized work area will work against you.

You must keep your work area structured in order to maximize productivity. If you use the same area for personal and work projects, it is imperative that you re-organize the space after each one. Doing so makes it easier to seamlessly switch gears, giving you an advantage over conquering time management.

Taking breaks increases your ability to focus.

Spending an undisclosed amount of hours in front of you laptop may seem necessary, especially if you have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. However, doing this can also drain you of the energy you need to keep going. Get up from your desk occasionally to stretch, drink some water and even fold a load of laundry. This change of pave will give you a boost of much needed energy.

You have to set a work schedule and stick to it.

You may ask, “What is the point of having the flexibility of working from home if I have to set a schedule?” Well, that’s a good question. Here’s why:

  • By creating structured activities, other things that are personally important to you won’t be neglected (time with family and friends, professional development activities and time for yourself).
  • You won’t lose your momentum for completing your goals by allowing yourself time to recharge your focus.
  • Sticking to a set schedule gives you the opportunity to get the rest you need (and every business owner needs adequate rest to be their very best self).

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