Is Leadership Really Needed?


Greetings ! I am so excited to be the new Leadership Editor for Detroit CEO Magazine! I hope the posts presented here will help you transform your life personally and professionally!

So let’s get to it. . .

I think it is quite fitting to answer the essential question, “Is Leadership Really Needed?” If leadership is not needed why in the heck would we be talking about it ? Let me enlighten you. Leadership is all around us. No matter WHO you are, WHERE you live, WHAT type of career you may have or not have; leadership is essential.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s define what leaderhsip is. I have studied leadership for years and no one really defines what the the term is and what it means.

According to the American New Oxford Dictionary, leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people. Ok. . . now what and the heck does this mean? According to this definition, if you are a leader of “1” person , then technically you aren’t a leader.

I will now give you my definition of “leadership”:

Leadership is the action(s) taken by a leader to get a desired a result.

Now, I will define a “leader”:

A Leader is a person who posses character, humility, compassion, and intellect. A Leader’s main role is to serve and enhance the quality of life for those in his or reach.

Do you see now?

A Leader is your mother, teacher, cart pusher , boss, car dealer, business partner, and YOU. Leadership does not discriminate. We all lead in some aspect of our lives whether we want to admit it or not.

Leadership keeps our economy moving, it keeps our families together, it keeps balance. Leadership is the essence of our core being as a human race. I repeat, Leadership is the essence of our core being as a human race.

The first time we all were introduced to leadership is in the home. It does not matter if you were adopted, lived in a single parent home, or even raised by your grandparents. . .as children we were served to. We were taken care of , we were taught, we were given wisdom. . .whether good or bad , we were being lead by someone. That initial introduction to leadership often shapes who we have become as a person.

As we get a sense of WHO we are, we begin to lead. Do you remember daring Sally Mae to Kiss Johnny Boy? Did she do it? Of course you did! What you did was lead Sally Mae into getting a desired result, which was kissing Johnny Boy! Now I am not saying this right, but the point is we all lead.

Now, a leader can be good or bad. An effective leader is the one I described above. Now, just imagine if we all recognize that we are leaders. That we all have the power and responsibility to serve and enhance each other’s quality of life! Imagine what this world would be like if we just embraced this aspect of leadership?

This is why leadership is essential. We need it for our survival. We need it to build one another up, we need it to lift one another up, we need it to end wars, we need it to end suicide, we need it to increase peace, we need it to increase compassion, and we need it to increase prosperity.

Leadership is NEEDED NOW. Will you join me? Comment below if you are in!

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