4 Steps to Real Innovation


Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

If you talk to five, or fifty, business leaders about their biggest goals or priorities, within the top three will be something to do with innovation. It might be new products, new services, or new ways of partnering with others to create better customer value. Great ideas.

If everyone is so focused on this, why aren’t more companies innovating solutions? It’s not that it’s so hard. We’re actually innovating constantly. What then, is the biggest challenge? Some say its generating great ideas. Others say its developing a product that actually works. Still others say the hardest part is moving from an idea stage to something that customers actually want and will pay for. My view, as an entrepreneur, and avid student of innovation successes and failures, is that we need to more reliably produce and control the innovation process. Innovation is not just about moments of brilliance; in fact, rarely is that…

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