Ignoring data is keeping you from hitting origination goals. #CRM #bigdata #commercialfinance

Ignoring data is keeping you from hitting organizational goals. #CRM #bigdata

Insights from a Bald Man

Spend time on data, increases enterprise wide sales and marketing efficiency. Common sense, right? Nope.

  • 33% of our new clients in the Commercial Finance space cannot easily produce a simple database of targets for email, direct mail, etc.
  • 43%: The average invalid contact data percentage of a database we start working with
  • 60% of our clients cannot on first engagement produce a company-wide email database of existing customer decision makers.

Yes, existing customers. Again, they couldn’t easily identify the world’s easiest way to contact their existing customers. Shocking. Something is wrong in the world of sales management.

For years I have said great sales and marketing starts with great data. I didn’t think that was a moment of brilliance, I thought it was common sense. Actually, great business starts with great data and far too often people in the commercial finance business dramatically under-invest in the effort to…

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