A Monkey with a Computer is Still a Monkey (continued)

Today’s recommended reading. #Educational

A Girl with a Dream

 Social Media Revolution

social media sales revolution

I asked Kevin to rewind, to tell me the story of how his dream became a reality. After realizing that playing piano for a living was fun, but not enough to provide for a family in the Northeast, he decided to become a salesperson. Notice that the best motivational sales coaches were great salesmen first. Jeffrey Gitomer said in his “Little Red Book of Selling” about effectiveness of his principles,

“Don’t be blaming me. Not only do these principles work, they work in the Northeast, where people eat their young.”

I have lived in the Northeast for 24 years, and have worked in sales in upper Manhattan and the Bronx. I know exactly how it feels to be “eaten alive” by clients in NYC.

Kevin told me that one day he was asked by his customer to do a presentation to his sales team, because of…

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