Realign Yourself in the New Year

One of the motivating factors behind writing my book Breaking Through the Black Ceiling, was the feeling of entitlement that black business owners have towards consumers and, in some instances, other black business owners. I truly believe that many individuals in the business world need mindset rehabilitation when it comes to how they think, feel and behave on a professional level. Too often the feeling of entitlement causes them to burn bridges with other business owners and with their consumers. A business is dependent upon having someone there to make purchases and use services. However, if the owner of the business believes that they are somehow entitled to the loyalty of individuals without earning it. If you have people in your professional circle that make unrealistic demands of you, your time and your business, because they feel like you owe them something, now is the time for you to realign yourself with other individuals who understand that loyalty and trust are earned, not given.

Maybe the type of people I’m referring to are not in your professional circles. Maybe you have people like that in your personal life. There isn’t a better time than now, to realign those relationships as well. Maybe there is deep rooted envy that you’re unaware of because you’re attaining a more elevated level of personal (or professional) growth and they aren’t growing with you. If they can’t be happy for you, motivated by you and proud of you, without expecting you to carry them on your shoulders, you should realign yourself with others who would be. Change is the only constant in the world and it will occur whether you like it or not. Therefore, it’s in your best interest, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, professionally, and sometimes, financially, to disconnect the people that don’t generate the necessary energy for positive change to occur. Life is too short to live with the regrets of holding on to people and relationships that damage you, distract you or minimize you.

I know you’re thinking that this is a proclamation of a resolution because a new year has begun. I prefer to refer to it as a change in focus and habits that can be performed consistently throughout the year. It can become a regular and daily step in your life and business that propel you forward towards your goals and happiness. Do it well enough and long enough and you can diminish a tremendous amount of negativity in your life. Once you have created the type of environment where positivity flourishes over negativity, it become easier (and almost instantaneous) for you to identify new individuals attempting to come into your life or business, that would be counterproductive for you. It becomes a security mechanism.

Examine those around you thoroughly. What do they bring into your life and what do they take away. Then realign yourself this year.

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