Model Mom, Inc. Presents the What’s Your Beautiful Initiative

Back in June of this year, a few of the Detroit CEO Magazine staff were able to attend the What’s Your Beautiful Empowerment Brunch presented by Model Mom, Inc.  It was held at the one of the rare jewels within the city of Detroit, an Italian restaurant named La Dolce Vita, located on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.  Crystal Cole, the Founder and CEO of Model Mom, Inc., put together an awesome event that included panelists that shared their own definition of beautiful with the audience.  Those panelists included Dr. Rose Moten (Clinical Psychologist and Business Owner), Gwen Jimmere (CEO of Naturalicious, a natural hair care beauty line) and Khristian Joy Alexander (Mrs. Michigan 2012).

Not only did we have a great time, but we got the opportunity to briefly speak with a few of the participants and contributors of the What’s Your Beautiful event, including Ms. Cole.  Here is what they had to say about the event and their individual ventures.

Doris A.C. Johnson (Novelist and Author)


This was a wonderful event to participate in.  The panelists shared a wealth of knowledge that I feel every person here can benefit from.  As far as my own accomplishments, I’ve written 7 books and am currently working on my 8th novel.  I am in school, currently enrolled in my final class pursing a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  I am also an advocate of Domestic Violence Awareness. I’m just making things happen.

Gwen Jimmere, CEO of Naturalicious


Describe your experience with the What’s Your Beautiful Event.

It was just a really empowering movement for women.  It was great to be among women who want to see each other strive and thrive, Many times we can be around other women that we feel are not friendly or forthcoming with resourceful information.  We tend to think that other women don’t want to see us do well.  Being here was similar to an environment filled with camaraderie.

We admire women who are successful, but we often don’t know the back story of their lives.  I think it’s good to be in an environment where that is being shared.  It’s great to share some of the real life struggles with others so they see what made you who you are today.

**Gwen Jimmere can be contacted via email at  Find out more about her company at**

Crystal Cole, Founder and CEO of Model Mom, Inc.

DSC_0851_ppedit blog

Share some information about the Model Mom brand and the What’s Your Beautiful event series.

Model Mom, Inc. is a Lifestyle Enhancement brand.  We seek to enhance women’s lives (mind, body and spirit) through offering strategy sessions for your business, empowerment lunches such as What’s Your Beautiful and building a network of sisterhood.  Our goal is to bridge women together to build a stronger network where we can uplift and empower one another.

What’s Your Beautiful was created to bring women together to discuss beauty beyond the superficial norms.  The goal of the initiative is to encourage women to magnify their inner beauty.  I want there to be an annual event where we come together to experience good food, good fashion and good girl talk in a non-intimidating setting.  The follow up to this event is going to be the teen edition where we invite young ladies 13-19 years of age.  We will deliver the message of sisterhood and empowerment to them as well (the What’s Your Beautiful Teen Edition took place August 17, 2014 at Evolution Skin Care in Ferndale, Michigan).

Erroll L. Bomar, III, Ambassador of Y.U.P. Connect (Young Urban Professionals)


This event was all about Model Moms.  The beautiful thing about the brunch was that it brought together women who have shared common life events.  By sharing with each other, the women here got to form a bond of sisterhood.  The biggest thing that was shared was a vulnerability with the group as a whole that was a catalyst in building a great bond.  I’m looking forward to Model Mom, Inc. growing.  I think the organization stands for so much within the community that is needed, not only among women, but among the younger generation of women.


Model Mom, Inc. is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering diverse women who empower those around them.  We support women who excel personally and professionally.  These women make positive impacts, not just in their personal lives, but in their communities as well.  Our vision is to enhance the lifestyle of women who come from all aspects of life.  For more information, visit the company on the web at or call 1-916-572-2653.








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