Self Editing Tips for the Author

Self-Editing Tips for the Author

If you remember your English teacher, no matter how much you loved or hated them, they had very creative ways for teaching their students to remember certain rules. Sometimes, they used rhymes. Other times, we simply saw red marks on our papers so much that it was engrained in us after a while. But the things that worked in school don’t always apply to manuscripts. As you work on your manuscript this month, remember the following tips:

Set your manuscript to a certain font and type size before you start. That way, you know all of the text is the same font. For example, use Times New Roman, 12-point font throughout the manuscript.

Bold and/or center all chapter headings.

Set your line spacing to one and a half or double spacing before you start. This will increase readability for the editor.

When quoting bible verses, use quotation marks or italics. You do not need both.

Do not create a table of contents. This will be created by your typesetter.

If your editor charges by the hour, these simple things will save you time and money. Remember, don’t ever skip the editing process. Your reputation as an author depends on it.

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Tenita C. Johnson
Tenita C. Johnson
If she’s driving down the street at 70 miles per hour, a spelling error on a highway billboard is sure to jump out at her. Although she may not pull the car over, she may contact the advertiser as a courtesy to let them know, in case they want to fix it of course. What may not matter to most has become an obsession and passion for Tenita Johnson, editor extraordinaire and writer. Through So It Is Written, she is committed to helping authors nationwide perfect their manuscripts and successfully complete the publishing process.

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