The Importance of Being Branded

Becoming a Brand is not only for a product that consumers buy. Becoming a Brand is not limited to being in the Entertainment business. Becoming a Brand begins with being an individual whom people recognize as someone who stands out above the rest. Regardless of your field of study or industry, setting yourself at a higher standard professionally, and doing so with integrity “brands” you.

Your Brand isn’t just about the clothes you wear, the way you wear your hair, or any other material factor. Your Brand includes your reputation, both personally and professionally. Regardless of how attractive you are or how well you are able to speak, sing, write, or whatever your particular skill is, after an experience with you, people will remember the following:

· Your attitude

· Your mindset

· Your integrity

· Your loyalty

· Your respect for the other person’s time

If any of these things are poor or negative in the perception of the person you are dealing with, it will have an impact on how far you will go and how successful you will become. That is because there is always someone else that can do whatever it is that you do. Even if they don’t do it as well as you, believe it when I tell you that people will consider that a small sacrifice to make in order to do business or be associated with someone who has a more positive attitude, a more positive mindset, more integrity and more loyalty if you prove yourself not to be that person. Not to mention, time is money, and no one likes his or hers to be wasted or taken for granted.

When branding yourself, people also look at the people you surround yourself with. From my own professional experience, I have learned that having people around you who are either smarter than you, skilled in the things you can’t do (or don’t have the time to do correctly) and can consult you with constructive criticism when you need it, are valuable assets. In order to obtain valuable assets, you must first acknowledge where you need assistance. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, while being able to bring people to the table that can enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses is a sign of power and wisdom. It shows that you are a leader and that people around you recognize and respect that trait in you.

Many of us make the mistake of surrounding ourselves with people that will allow us to “do us” instead of challenging us to be better. It is easier to remain mediocre than to strive for greatness. It’s also easier for people to hold you hostage to their agenda when you allow yourself to remain mediocre. Making that decisions “brands” you. People will come to you as someone who will only do the bare minimum to get something accomplished, versus being someone who hits is out of the park with their outside the box ideas, even if those ideas require more time, energy or effort to execute. Quality still outweighs quantity in many arenas.

Becoming a brand is extremely important and it is beyond selecting creative color palettes or having business card with impressive titles on them. How you brand yourself can determine how often people will see you out, and can determine how much income or revenue you generate. How you choose to brand yourself will determine, a great deal, the amount of success you experience, or don’t. Therefore, when building your brand, include professionalism, a positive attitude, a positive mindset, integrity, loyalty and respect for other people’s time.

Angela T. Jones
Angela T. Jones

Angela T. Jones is the CEO of Superwoman Productions and Publishing, a Media and book publishing company located in Detroit that offers a diverse combination of products and services ( She is also the Co-Host of the Fab Life Radio Show, airing each Friday at 7pm EST on Blog Talk Radio. For more information, email Follow her on Twitter @BestSuperWoman

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