Musically Speaking


Good summers— that go down in history —are oftentimes defined by good events, good weather and great songs.

Monica Blaire is starting this summer off right with the release of her new single, Only You, from her upcoming EP The { } Between.

Shifting strong melodic beats carry Blaire’s flawless rich vocals to deliver her latest endeavor. This ode to love paints the portrait of a woman in deep satisfying love.

Is Blaire trying to tell us something?

“The song is very personal. At the time the record was coming together there was a special someone,” Blaire says. “But music has always been my boyfriend.”

Blaire says the song is really about those quiet moments when you let your mind wonder to the possibility of a full all encompassing love relationship. Anyone not in love, in like or crushing on a ‘boo’ will surely want to after hearing this song.

“All women, at some point, have those thoughts,” Blaire said, “It’s really about the idea of being swept in.”

And swept in fans will be with this certified summer-jam because it’s not just a love song. The beat is so infectious and hot that it will surely be in heavy rotation on every radio station, in every club, on Jefferson , Belle Isle, Seven Mile, everywhere in between, and if you’re smart, in your playlist.

Only You is part of a series of new singles that Blaire plans to release over the next few months leading up to the release of The { } Between. The EP is due out sometime this year.

It’s been a little over six years since Blaire’s first album “Portraits of Me” was released. Blaire has been busy the years since with performing, growing her brand, becoming a 2010 Kresege Performing Arts Fellow, creating music, and staying in touch with her fans.

Only You will be available on Amazon, iTunes and all digital music outlets on June, 25, 2013. You can catch a live performance by Blaire and celebration of the release of Only You on June 28, 2013, at Campus Martius.

More information about Monica Blaire, The { } Between, Only You, and Blaire’s upcoming performances log on to or

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