Community Talk with YUP Connect

errollWhat sparked the idea for YUP Connect?

YUP Connect came out of a desire to bring the city that I live and work in closer together. The vision for YUP Connect is to become a voice of the community by combining individuals who have a desire to improve not only themselves but the communities that they live and work in. The most important piece to the YUP Connect network is the Five Core Tenants: Unity, Integrity, Consistency, Efficiency, and Community. These tenant set YUP Connect apart YUP members identify and operate with them in mind on a daily basis.

Tell us something about Erroll Bomar III, and why you chose the title of “Ambassador”.
I’m a Native Detroiter born and raised on the West Side & currently living in Rosedale Park. I love MY city this will always be home to me. I do love to travel and look forward to purchasing a second home in Florida or maybe Puerto Rico. I selected Ambassador because I am a representative for YUP Connect. It is a company that is all about the people. The Ambassador represents a Nation & Nation is defined as a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent or history…THATS YUP Connect all day long.What are the goals that you would like to accomplish with your organization?

Ultimately to be a key player among entrepreneurs, small business, toast makers, and all young professional. YUP Connect is just not just a business it’s a lifestyle, it’s a statement that say YES I AM YOUNG…YES I AM URBAN…& YES I AM PROFESSIONAL! The YUP’s the game changers of our society and our time. Just look at the increase of small businesses or young wealth that has spread across our country within the last 5-7 years.

Is there anything unique to how you’re doing things? What’s your approach?

My approach is personal, Grass Roots. YUP Connect is a company that is created and sustained by the culture and people that we serve. I try to embrace the idea that simple, personable and entertaining are the three key ingredients to building a successful customer base.

Tell us about your thoughts on our local community. Is there anything in the news (or not), for whatever reason, that you want to share your thoughts on?

For me, the biggest think I can point out is the “BUZZ”. I encourage anyone who has not done so to take a moment and visit downtown on a weekday in the summer during lunch time. There is an energy that is almost palpable. Detroit is on the rise and the ones driving are the 25-40 something professionals.

How do you envision YUP Connect to grow in the future?

As big as the staples in every major urban city, just like a YMCA or community center. YUP Connect will become a place you can go to for resources, information and simply an enjoyable time.

You can find out more about Y.U.P. Connect on the web at Connect with Erroll L. Bomar, III on Twitter @YUP_Connect or call 313-583-YUP1

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