SOULutions Mobile Spa

Our Interview with Char Sloan, Owner of SOULutions Mobile Spa


What inspired you to create the SOULutions Mobile Spa?

SOULutions Mobile Spa started as a vision many years prior to me actually starting the business. I have always been drawn to being of service to others to make them look or feel better. I became interested in Massage Therapy after doing some research on the healing benefits of Massage & Bodywork. A few years before I actually enrolled in school I would read & study articles in relation to this profession. In 2007 I took the 1st step by enrolling in a Therapeutic Massage Program at Irene’s Myomassology Institute located in Southfield, MI who founder was the late Natural Health master Irene Gauthier. This was one of the best experiences of my life! I not only learned how I can assist people with their aches & pains It personally gave me a greater inner peace & feeling of well-being. I am a proud graduate with the professional title of “Myomassologist” Which means I am trained in different modalities of Therapeutic Massage, Energy Healing, and Holistic methods of healthcare that includes natural herbs and aromatherapy.

How many years has your company been in existence?

Because I am very ambitious I actually started my company while I still was a student! In May 2008 I began the planning and research of having a Mobile Spa service. My goal was to bring the relaxation to service private clients, corporations, as well as offer Spa Parties.
How is your business registered (i.e., Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC) and why did you choose one over the other?

In the beginning I started off with a partner and we were hired to do 2 events before graduation in September 2008, One private party and one corporate event! Currently I am the Sole Proprietor/CEO Of SOULutions that provides on-site relaxation services throughout Metro Detroit.

What kind (if any) problems do you deal with in the daily operation of your business?

I would not say that I face “Daily Problems” in my business but there are ALWAYS challenges that can and will come. There are days when I can be discouraged but for only a few minutes! When you have a passion for something it will outweigh frustration.

Before starting your business, did you have a business plan?

I did not have a traditional business plan when I first began my business, More like a vision board along with a lot of research on the industry. I believe as a small business I have the advantage of developing a relationship with my clients and offer them a more personable experience.

As a small business owner, do you have any advantages over large business or corporations? If yes, why or why not?

I’ve heard many times from clients who have experienced services from a larger Spa’s that the customer service that I am able to offer is better because people get to know me, this makes my clients more at ease.

What advertising methods do you use, if any?

My very 1st form of advertisement was getting a professional website done along with quality business cards. It was important to me then and now to present my company in the very BEST light that I can. Being a small business does NOT mean you should look like a struggling start-up! Because I do not necessarily have the larger budget as a larger company I have used less-expensive methods of advertising that has worked in my favor. Social media platforms, Cross promoting with other businesses to do link exchanges on our websites are just to name a few. I have also had a feature article offering relaxation tips in HER Detroit Magazine, As well as being a guest speaker at a Women Entrepreneurs Organization.

What advice would you offer to anyone who is thinking of starting a business of their own?

My advice for anyone wanting to start their own business would be to carefully weigh what you have a PASSION for. I like the advice of Mogul & Entrepreneur who I admire Russell Simmons & what he says about it which is ask yourself “What is it that I would do even if I wasn’t getting paid??” That would be considered your gift to the world, as you share your gift success is sure to follow. For me it is providing a healing touch. Yes I work for financial gain, But I also donate my time to charities because I love to share my gift with others. SOULutions Mobile Spa has been providing Massage Therapy and express body treatments since 2008, with the goal of expansion in 2013.


For further information about the owner and her business you can visit and also check out

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