Honey Attracts More EVERYTHING!

As we come to the close of 2012, we can’t forget how we’ve been impacted by Detroit’s “sweetest” lady, Tamara Sanders Dew, owner of HoneyDew Fabulous!.

Though possibly unaware, Tammy has impacted the lives of many with her eccentric personality, love for family, support of fellow entrepreneurs and passion for highlighting the greatness of Detroit.  Great is the person that shows tangible evidence of all things professed, and Tammy Dew definitely mirrors greatness.

Tammy is a “Jill-of-all-trades”.  HoneyDew Fabulous! encompasses her God-given natural talent of being multi-dimensional.  Her company includes services such as artisan coordination for local events, fashion styling, image consulting and modeling.  From our personal experience with contracting her for services, she is the epitome of poise, iconic style, charm and passion for her craft.  We salute, support and endorse you!

For more information on HoneyDewFabulous!, email honeydewfab@gmail.com or call


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