Tiffani’s Treats: Detroits Sweet Tooth Solution

What sparked your idea to start The Special Treats?


I wanted to come up with homemade snacks for my children that had less fat, calories and sugar than the popular snacks at the local grocery store.  I also wanted to make a statement.  Cake is a traditional party snack, but I believe cupcakes filled with fruit are a better look, and a healthier choice.


Explain, in detail, what types of treats you offer, if you cater small or large events (or both), and how your clientele is acquired?


Tyfani’s Treats specializes in Chocolate Dipped Fruit, Infused Strawberries, Pineapple Turtles, Cupcakes, Drunken Gummy Bears, Muffins, Fruit Salad, and Delivery & Catering.  We welcome same day orders and offer custom designs. Our clients are accumulated by use of Facebook, Instigram, local churches and word of mouth.


Do you ever get “weird” requests for items?


We don’t get any weird requests; however, our most popular request is Inserted Strawberries and Vanilla Cupcakes, which are also our best selling products.


What goals do you have for your business?


Our primary goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers, and to keep providing quality services while giving back to the community and creating jobs for young adults once we expand.


Is there anything that makes you different, in your opinion, from other small businesses under the same industry?


The one thing that makes “Tyfani’s Treats” different from other businesses in this field is that our guarantee is flexible to ensure our customer satisfaction, based on their experience with us.



Have you had any professional difficulties that you’ve learned from? Explain.


There are a lot of professional difficulties.  Sometimes products are damaged, delivered late or missing.  I’ve learned to improvise with what I have and make it look great.  The show goes on.


Are you able to bake without having your family interrupt your creative flow?


Everyone in my home, from my husband to my daughters, knows that I love what I do. They are my tasters and they tell me exactly what they think.  They also help with promotion and production.  They are really a big part of the company.  They make it easier.


Share one meaningful word with an aspiring entrepreneur.



Tyfani Haynie is to proud owner of Tyfani’s Treats. Custome Ordering, Delivery and a 24 hour hotline is available.  Connect with her on Facebook at Tyfani’s Treats or call 586-404-3174 to place your order.

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