Untitled and Underrated: An Inside Look at Detroit Fashion

Jaiden Shephard and VTJ Model
Jaiden Shephard and VTJ Model
Twenty-four year old fashion designer Jaiden Shepard (Detroit native), and twenty -seven year old Rondregus Underwood  a model/stylist (originally from Alabama) set out to change the way critics viewed Detroit fashion and bring in support for future fashion shows from Detroiter’s. They came up with  “UNTITLED” which was an exclusive, uniquely formatted fashion show, aimed at celebrating Detroit’s distinguished in fashion, as well as others outside of Detroit connected to fashion. The first show was Friday October 19, 2012 at The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. Jaiden hand picked seven designers and each designer was allowed to have only three models.
Rondregus Underwood
Rondregus Underwood

Jaiden and Rondregus wanted the show to be different.  The designers displayed detailed work, as professional fashion was the main focal point.

On this night they brought New York to Detroit, transforming The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit into a royal themed setting with a live band and singers to set a very intimate fashion ambiance. The designers that were blessed to be part of such a powerful show included Sansa Sanyika, Nova Brown, Trenese ‘hearts’ Collection, Cheire Jewelry House (from Cleveland, Ohio), Stef-n-Ty Dickey (Stephanie Dickey), and of course Jaiden Shepard with his Vintage Ties by Jaiden Collection. I also had the honor of showcasing my brand Ca’esha London (saysha london) with my version of an African Queen theme. The show was professional, the designers, makeup artist, photographers, models, vendors, musicians and the ushers all did an awesome job.

“UNTITLED” runway fashion show breathed life back into Detroit’s fashion world with nothing but great reviews from those that were present . Jaiden Shepard’s segment was last. I got chills, as I heard a few other on lookers saying the same, as the musicians played music and sang. Jaiden set on top of the runway with a King’s crown on while twenty models walked  the runway in his vintage tie collection.

This show gave fashion in the City of Detroit hope for growth and longevity.

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